Net Produce

The GSH Group is an established leading supplier of packaging machinery, consumables and printed labels to the fresh produce and food processing industries.

Net produce bags for a wide range of food produce

During our over 20 years in business GSH has provided net packaging bags for a raft of customers throughout the UK and Ireland, and can offer the full packaging service for a variety of foodstuffs from a small pack of garlic to a large quantity of heavy potatoes.

Our customer base includes supermarket chains, food distributers and fresh produce sellers who have come to rely on us to provide top quality packaging net bags on time and on budget.

Varied net bags requirements

The varied range of food produce from delicate soft fruit to heavy potatoes require different types of net packaging bags to ensure they are transported and stored efficiently to preserve their condition so they look at their best when on display.

Our advanced techniques through using state of the art packaging machinery and production methods, coupled with the use of high grade materials, means we can provide an end to end service to supply packaging net bags to make the most of your produce.

Oriented extruded nets

Highly popular material for packaging net bags, oriented extruded are often used where produce needs to ‘breath’ yet also requires protection such as soft fruits; in this instance a thin mesh variety will be used and is wrapped around a protective punnet and sealed so becoming a clipped net bag.

Oriented extruded net bags for produce can also be specified in memory stretch guise - a popular way to package onions and garlic - so keeping their shape and displaying the produce effectively.

Extruded nets

Specifying the extruded type of mesh for your net produce bags offers a choice between the flatter mesh type or a more tubular design and is common in both small net packaging bags and larger, heavier duty variants. This durable type is popular when making packaging net bags for heavier produce such as potatoes.

This is especially the case for resealable and net reusable bags where the bag may be retained by the consumer for some time. Net produce bags made of extruded nets are highly versatile.


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net packaging

Knitted nets

As their name suggests they look ‘knitted’ and could be seen as net rope bags - they are a highly cost-effective method and suitable for many types of fruit and vegetable. They are popular for packaging citrus fruits especially, and are available in various colours so making it easy to match the right shade with your branding.

Along with providing good protection of produce, net produce bags made of knitted mesh help keep produce aerated, and lend themselves to various manufacturing methods whether manual or automated.


Tubular mesh is a popular option for net packaging bags: it can be specified in various densities from a thicker type used for heavier produce such as potatoes, or a finer mesh often used to wrap around and seal punnets of soft fruit.

Tubular net bags for packaging can be specified in various colours, too for displaying produce to best effect or to complement your brand colour scheme. Options include easy open, resealable and reusable net produce bags and pouches.

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Supporting your environmental standards

We only source materials from suppliers who are accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC).

We can also meet whatever standards for environmental performance you are working to, including by supplying recyclable or compostable paper and card where appropriate.