The GSH Group is an established leading supplier of packaging machinery, consumables and printed labels to the fresh produce and food processing industries.

Experienced professionals for knitted nets based packaging

GSH has gained an enviable reputation in the food packaging industry, including netted product based packaging provision, thanks to a combination of top class, up to date production methods allied to ongoing investment and constant commitment to customer service.

We have also invested strategically in the acquisition of businesses with complementary packaging expertise to provide customers with a genuine one-stop solution to their knitted nets and meshes packaging needs.

Netted product expertise at your disposal

We have a growing list of customers throughout the UK and Ireland consisting of supermarkets, food distributors and fresh produce sellers who have grown to rely on us to help ensure their produce arrives at its final destination on time and in pristine condition.

Along with produce that arrives at display areas in prime condition, well put together netted product packaging looks good and builds a positive brand image in the eyes of your consumer.

Versatile packaging

Knitted net bags are a popular way of packaging and displaying produce, and are highly versatile in that the final products can be produced manually or by machine - and the style and texture of knitted nets and meshes creates a pleasing image for the consumer.

Knitted nets are particularly popular for packaging citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons, and do a very good job of protecting their contents whilst presenting an appealing look on display.

A positive brand image

Your knitted nets for produce bags can be specified in various colours to either show off the food items to best effect or to reflect your brand's colour scheme. It is a common technique to use similar coloured knitted net bags to the produce inside - yellow with lemons for example.

Knitted nets are more usually used for smaller quantities, or for lighter weight produce such as a handful of oranges and so forth. They display well since their texture and potential for bright colouring catches the eye.

The ultimate in
net packaging

Boost your brand

Along with knitted net bags of top quality with neat sealing to enhance your brand image, we provide various labelling options and quality printing to enable you show your brand clearly in front of the customer.

We can help you create a positive impression to engage the customer quickly in busy display areas: our knitted nets and meshes used for packaging your produce to a high standard, and strong labelling, can help ensure your produce is chosen first.

Progressive company

We strive to meet and maintain the highest standards in our business, so invest continuously in research and development to ensure our customers benefit from the best and latest in production techniques and technology.

We also pursue a full commitment to doing business in as much of an environmentally friendly fashion as possible, and adhere to our customers’ standards in this area so they can be confident they are working with a business partner with the same values as theirs.

Design, manufacture
& printing

Supporting your environmental standards

We only source materials from suppliers who are accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC).

We can also meet whatever standards for environmental performance you are working to, including by supplying recyclable or compostable paper and card where appropriate.