Garlic Packaging
Net Bags

The GSH Group is an established leading supplier of packaging machinery, consumables and printed labels to the fresh produce and food processing industries.

Experienced Garlic Packaging Professionals

GSH is an industry respected full service food packaging company supplying state of the art machinery and consumables for all types of foodstuffs including specifics such as garlic packaging. Our 20 years in business makes us a key player in the industry with customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

Over time we have become a group of companies through careful acquisitions of other businesses providing specific packaging related expertise, so we have the marketplace covered.


Your Full Service Net Bags For Garlic Provider

If you are looking specifically for garlic packaging net bags we can help: as with this foodstuff and others, we offer a solution specific to the demands of transporting, storing and displaying the item in top condition.

We also know the importance of providing visual appeal when the produce is on display vying for the end customer's attention, so our net bags for garlic and other produce also gives you the opportunity to promote your brand through effective labelling and colour choice. We can also help with label design to give your brand a boost on the shelves.

Advanced garlic net packaging machines

Our garlic packaging is flexible in terms of how your produce is stored and displayed. You may choose to display garlic in small quantities in a row - in this case ‘tight’ garlic packaging net bags are used to keep the individual garlic in formation.

Alternatively - or aswell as - your garlic packaging may contain several individual garlic so a looser bag may be used: various possibilities are open with our advanced garlic net packaging machine and bagging materials - we can adapt to your requirements.

Top quality net bags for garlic

It is a common practice to use oriented extruded memory stretch net bags for garlic packaging: this is a type of net that keeps its shape so looking good for longer in the retail display area, and also once the product is in use by the end user including repeated opening and closing.

While durable, our garlic packaging net bags are manufactured to stringent quality standards so will not damage the produce through inferior construction, and each bag can be sealed smoothly through quality clipping and machining.


The ultimate in
net packaging

Promoting your brand effectively

Many supermarkets, food distributors and fresh produce outlets trust us to deliver a solid garlic packaging solution that not only ensures their produce arrives on shelves in top condition, but also promotes a positive brand message through top quality labelling.

Your garlic packaging can be specified in various forms to best meet your needs whether easy open or resealable types, and your promotional and branding requirements can be met with our flexible and quality labelling machinery and materials.


Ethical and forward thinking packaging experts

As a responsible supplier, we adhere to current environmental standards and strive to meet those you specify as we know working with partners of like mind in this area is highly important to businesses.

Our policy is one of continuous research and development, so we always look to maintain and exceed our standards, and this extends to ensuring as much of our garlic packaging materials as possible is environmentally friendly: most of our packaging is 100% recyclable and we follow other related policies including using solar power in certain instances.

Design, manufacture
& printing

Supporting your environmental standards

We only source materials from suppliers who are accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC).

We can also meet whatever standards for environmental performance you are working to, including by supplying recyclable or compostable paper and card where appropriate.