The GSH Group is an established leading supplier of packaging machinery, consumables and printed labels to the fresh produce and food processing industries.

20 years experience providing top quality fruit net packaging

GSH is an experienced full service food produce packaging company offering industry leading expertise, including fruit net packaging techniques, so if you are looking to partner up with a respected supplier with major customers throughout the UK and Ireland we can help.

Our service offering and expertise has been enhanced over the two decades-plus we have been in business through the strategic acquisitions of certain specialist packaging companies, so enabling us to offer a comprehensive service within our group of companies.

The only fruit netting suppliers you need

Due to the wide variety of fruit and its differing requirements in terms of packaging, storing and displaying for sale, we meet the challenge of catering to these varied packaging demands through a wide choice of fruit netting and other materials.

Your fruit packaging net bags not only need to keep your produce in optimum condition from when it is packed, transported and put on display, but also say something about you from a brand perspective - so good quality netting reflects well on you.

Versatile fruit net packaging

Fruit is of all shapes and sizes and with vastly differing storage and handling requirements, so as experienced fruit netting suppliers we can meet the challenge of ensuring your fruit produce is packaged in the most appropriate way.

While citrus fruits such as lemons can be packaged in attractive knitted style mesh fruit and veg bags, softer fruits such as raspberries and plums need to be prevented from being bumped around and they require air, so using plastic punnets clipped and sealed with a netting cover is a common method - we have the materials for all eventualities.

Best quality mesh fruit and vegetable bags

Along with the durability and practicality of effective fruit net packaging is the need to promote your brand in busy display areas. To this end the basic quality of the product - for example well made netting and clips - promotes a quality feel to your produce.

To display your brand effectively we provide clear and attractive labelling using modern printing techniques, and deploy label types appropriate to the fruit packaging bags they are being used with - for example a ‘wrapper’ type label around a bag of tangerines - or a standard wine label type affixed to a punnet.


The ultimate in
net packaging

Showing your brand to best effect

Along with communicating your brand identity using labelling is colour use: our mesh fruit and vegetable bags can be specified in a variety of shades to complement and even match the colour scheme of your brand so it stands out in display areas.

Easy to use fruit netting based packaging makes for more effective storage and transportation, and is appealing to customers in the display area, so eye catching knitted fruit packaging bags suits citrus fruits while thinner mesh fruit and veg bags suit softer fruits stored in punnets.

Our commitment to the environment and continued investment

Fruit and vegetable packaging net techniques have advanced over the years, and we are committed to serving our customers throughout the UK and Ireland in their packaging needs through considerable investment into research and development.

We are also a responsible business regarding environmental issues, and strive to recycle and manufacture biodegradable materials wherever possible. We also continuously work with our customers to meet their environmental objectives as a key part of our business relationship.

Design, manufacture
& printing

Supporting your environmental standards

We only source materials from suppliers who are accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC).

We can also meet whatever standards for environmental performance you are working to, including by supplying recyclable or compostable paper and card where appropriate.