Oriented Nets

The GSH Group is an established leading supplier of packaging machinery, consumables and printed labels to the fresh produce and food processing industries.

Extruded oriented nets packaging expertise

GSH is a long established food packaging company with well over 20 years industry experience. In this time we have strategically added other related packaging businesses to our group so becoming a full service operation.

Extruded net techniques - including oriented extruded nets - is a staple part of our food produce packaging service, and our customers find it provides an ideal solution for foodstuffs of various kinds from soft fruit in punnets to large bags of heavy potatoes.

Manufacturing expertise

We can provide a full range of net packaging options covering a wide range of food produce using this netting type: our state of the art machinery and quality of materials ensures your produce is stored and displayed in excellent condition.

Our slick and professional packaging means your produce looks appealing on display, and being able to choose different colours for your oriented extruded nets while utilising our top quality labelling and printing, shows your brand to best effect.

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Versatility of extruded oriented nets

This type of net packaging is especially suitable for preserving and protecting soft fruit produce that is vulnerable to damage when knocked or bumped in transit, and also needs to access fresh air so as to avoid condensation formation.

Using oriented nets for punnets works very well as the punnet protects the fruit while the extruded netting enables air to reach the produce while protecting it through being wrapped round the punnet and clip sealed.

Colour, mesh type and branding

Extruded oriented nets can be specified in various colours to complement the produce inside or to tie in with your brand colour scheme, and thin mesh types are available so the produce can be viewed easily - a popular choice when used with punnets.

Our variety of labelling and printing options gives you plenty of scope to stand out in the display areas and reinforce your brand whether using, for example, wine or ribbon style labelling.

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The ultimate in
net packaging

Helping your productivity

We can help you make the most of extruded oriented nets for your food packaging whether its specifically oriented nets for punnet use with soft fruits or others. Our advanced production techniques are highly versatile to suit many foodstuffs.

State of the art machinery and years of working at the cutting edge means we can help improve your productivity by ensuring you use machinery and materials to ensure you can pack your food products quickly and efficiently so they reach display areas to deadline.

Oriented extruded nets know how with responsibility

Along with providing the expertise you require, we are an ethical and responsible company with a commitment to investing heavily in research and development to continue offering our customers the best in modern oriented extruded nets and other packaging techniques.

We also take environmental concerns very seriously and strive to meet customer standards in this regard: much of our packaging is 100% recyclable for instance so you can be confident you are working with a responsible supplier.

Design, manufacture
& printing

Supporting your environmental standards

We only source materials from suppliers who are accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC).

We can also meet whatever standards for environmental performance you are working to, including by supplying recyclable or compostable paper and card where appropriate.