The Environment and Production

The GSH Group is committed to research and development with the aim of providing innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our production processes.
Our plastic packaging already makes a significant contribution to sustainability by reducing the waste in our food supply chain.  The reduction in food handling and subsequent impact on quality work together to maximise product utilisation and shelf life.

Working with packers, multiples, government institutions and organisations involved in environmental sustainability.  We are prioritising a reduction in plastic waste and the promotion of the recycling of materials, continually making improvements in the performance of our products to facilitate a reduction in packaging waste.

Health and Safety

The safety and welfare of our employees and the community as a whole has to be at the heart of any business, the implementation of which is the responsibility of every employee and in turn has to be nurtured by the company’s management.  We at GSH make every effort to ensure a safe working environment for our staff and visitors.  We retain specialists in health and safety to advise on the latest legislation and best practice thus providing a safe environment for our greatest asset our staff and for the wider public as a whole.

Playing our part

Collectively there are many ways in which we can work together to reduce our carbon footprint. Here at GSH we are continually looking for solutions to help the environment with the vast majority of our products being manufactured from 100% recycled materials which in turn can be recycled again. To strengthen this further all of our commercial waste is certified as zero to land fill.  With this ethos when GSH considered our energy requirements and the impact on the environment, the installation of a high capacity solar panel array was an obvious choice to reduce our carbon output.  Many staff at GSH are encouraged to employ car sharing to reduce the impact of journeys to and from our sites.  Here at GSH we also encourage the use of new technologies to minimise unnecessary travel for those working remotely.

Social Responsibility

How best to support and benefit the local community is for many company’s a difficult decision to grapple with.  As resources and funds become ever more stretched there are an increasing number of community projects looking for support, it’s a tough decision to make.  For some years now we at GSH have taken the decision to focus our effort on the support of a single local charity “Sue Ryder – Thorpe Wood Hospice” which specifically benefits those who live in Peterborough and the surrounding area.