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Infia Packaging Machinery

Packaging machinery

As one of the UK’s leading packaging companies, The GSH Group is committed to providing a diverse range of packing solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. With state-of-the-art packaging machinery, we deliver our projects to the highest possible standards and are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible.

Strength in numbers

The GSH Group was formed in 1997 and now comprises five subsidiaries: Infia, Verti-Pack, Easiweigh, Fieldpax and JMC. In recent years, we have expanded rapidly and are now the favoured packaging machinery suppliers for some of Britain’s largest companies.

Our used packaging machinery companies:

  • Verti-PackVerti-Pack - Packaging machinery offers a comprehensive range of food packaging machinery for the food industry, from fresh produce machinery and automatic poly bagging to palletising machinery and linear weighing. Our used packaging machinery from Verti-Pack is manufactured to the best professional standards to help you complete your pre-packing operations more swiftly. Handle your products at a faster pace and improve your efficiency with durable, long-lasting equipment.
  • Easiweigh - Packaging MachineryEasiweigh is one of the country’s most popular automatic weighing and counting equipment suppliers. With a range of stand-alone equipment, bulk handling machines and other products, we can help your business improve its operational performance. Our machines are built with stainless steel for optimum strength and are constantly redeveloped and improved to reflect the latest market trends.

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Whatever you are looking for, we can offer you cost-effective, flexible packaging machinery for your business. Please feel free to email us or contact GSH’s technical design team today on 01733 202088 and find out what we can achieve for you.